Award-Winning Director ---> Rosser Goodman


Marlon Wayans Niece, Summer Wayans, Nyoka Boswell, Efe, HBO, comedy, Giselle Marie, Ashley Kennon


Rosser believes that if you can't laugh at yourself, you can't really live. Comedy is as essential to storytelling as salt is to steak. (Sorry vegans.)

Nina Bergman, Stephanie Gerard, MONGOOSE8, lesbian, thriller, film, television series, #womendirect


If you ask Rosser about feelings - she will tell you she started crying over sad songs before she could walk.

Oneita Parker, Fashion, Nina Bergman, Meghan McCaig, Ash Thayer, Jen Theriot, Fashion Designer


Whether brands, charities or rockers... Rosser loves to tell the story behind the story.